Completed the PBP this year riding the BiSaddle.

I have been using your Bycycle Saddle now for over a year. I ride about 8,000 miles a year. These rides range in length from 62 miles to 750 mile at “one go”. What I mean here is that I belong to a bicycle club that rides ultra long-distance rides. These rides are time-limited so you have to keep riding to make these time limits. In fact the 750 mile ride is a qualification ride for RAAM (Race Across America)
Suffice it to say that I spend a lot of time “in-the-saddle”.
Before I bought your saddle I had been changing saddles every few months in search of the perfect saddle. My groin area would be numb from all of the riding that I do. I found that a wider saddle was the way to go. Then I read some studies on the internet that said that the nose of the saddle would cut off the blood supply to the genitals. It would also pinch the nerves running though that same area. This made a lot of sense to me, so I began looking for a saddle that did not have a nose to it. I also read that there were some issues that the nose-less saddle is unstable and that people “fell” off them. When I tried your saddle I was “looking” for this instability I NEVER found this to be the case. In fact this saddle, once I found out how to adjust it to fit my sitz bones is SO comfortable that I can now ride my longer rides with out any injury.
You do not have to be a long-distance rider to benefit from this saddle. If you are looking for comfort, this saddle is the way to go, take it from one that spends an inordinate amount of time on the bike. You do not need the nose on the saddle to maintain control and comfort is the top priority when riding long distance.