I received my BiSaddle and all I have to say is Wow! I spent about 45 minutes mounting and adjusting my saddle for a good feel when I received it. The next day I rode a moderate ride of 43 miles non stop without standing up and very minimal irritation. On my old saddle I would start feeling a lot of pain after an hour and the rest of the rid would be hell from there. As a matter of fact when I was stopped at red lights I continued to sit on my BiSaddle rather than stand because I wanted to give it the ultimate sit test. It passed with flying colors.
After the ride I felt no numbness and no next day butt pain. The only irritation that I felt was so minimal (easily bearable) and it wasn’t pain on my middle area it was on my sit bones. I think that I will have no problem riding a century with no severe pain and not having to stop. Your saddle is awesome and now I don’t have to worry about the health issues that come with the average saddle. Thank you.
—J. G. Hawaii