Chronic prostatitus was the diagnosis that ended my 100 mile a week road bike hobby about 15 years ago. My doctor at the time said I could try a mountain bike with rear suspension, but riding in the drops was over for me. So I spent $1400 on a Cannondale mountain bike and hated it. And guess what? It didn’t relieve the pressure on the perineum that was causing the issue, but I didn’t know that then. Fast forward 15 years and after doing some Google searches on biking and prostatitus, I found the BiSaddle. It felt kinda funky at first, but one thing was missing- pressure in the perineum. After getting the adjustment right, I was able to ride 10 miles without any inflammation! It’s been 2 months now, 200 miles and my prostate is fine! So if you think $100 is too much to spend on a saddle, it sure beats blowing $$$$ on a new bike! In fact, I’m going to order another for my 1986 Specialized Allez Epic carbon fiber which is collecting dust right now in my garage. To my dr who pronounced my road biking dead on arrival- Bi Saddle is a miracle cure!
Rick S – Raleigh, NC