Just wanted to say thanks for developing and selling this product.
I’ve been bicycling since 7, and biking to work almost every day, generally around 10 miles a day, since I started working at 17, and am now 34.
It had become prohibitively uncomfortable due to what was diagnosed as BPH, and I had to mostly stand while riding, which not only wasn’t efficient but it didn’t even help that much. The grooved saddle designs really didn’t help at all, so I knew I needed a radical change.
After getting a BiSaddle dialed in on my mountain bike, I’ve had no problems. I’m ordering one for my other bike, so I can actually ride it again. I looked at many options before getting my first one, but the BiSaddle stood out as the most adjustable, durable and logically designed, and it has proven itself to be all those things in daily usage.
It’s hard for most people I know to relate to, but biking to work and back, and just for fun, is something I can’t imagine not being able to do. The BiSaddle makes that possible for me, and I recommend it to anyone who bikes regularly.
Much thanks.
Matt – Colorado