Hi Jim,
I cannot remember how long ago it was that I bought my BiSaddle from you – maybe six years? My son who is into mountain biking as well said that you cannot ride a bike with a seat that does not have a ‘nose’, and of course my friends – “what sort of seat is that………”. Well after battling with scrotum pain for about two years with a standard type seat and doing a bit of research on the web I had to do something – or stop biking ……… and that was not an option !!
My first ride with the new BiSaddle was different, and yes, it did take a little getting used to, different ‘wear spots’ on the sit bones and the saddlenose just not there as a steady for balance – but guess what – it was just like the advertising said – no more scrotum pain – hallelujah !! I was sold!
I will not go back to a standard saddle and I ride about 4,000 kilometres a year on my Rock Mountain Altitude. The BiSaddle is a great piece of kit, easily adjustable for the individual physical dimensions of each person to get a really comfortable ride.
So, yes Jim, maybe you haven’t made money out of your project but you have removed some pain out of my life !! And probably a whole lot of other people as well.
L D — Gold Coast, Australia