I’ve had a BiSaddle for more than 6 years. Before I owned it, I tried a number of “short/no-nose” saddles, to see if I could find one that was comfortable for me, but none seemed to work for a fit, able-bodied racing cyclist. The BiSaddle was the first one that allowed me to tailor the fit precisely so that I could ride hard and in comfort.
I don’t have any issues with “normal” saddles, but I did have a particular need for a very short saddle, to be used in conjunction with a front-mounted child seat. If you’ve ever seen the testimonial videos for these child seats, the adults all ride with a peculiar bow-legged pedalling action – this is because there is not enough space between the tip of the (normal) saddle and the child seat for standing over the top tube, so the saddle has to be set very low; not very good if you want to ride your bike properly… With the BiSaddle, I was able to ride with my son in comfort, and with the saddle set at the correct height for riding, not standing.
Neil C. – London, England