Dear BiSaddle,
I have ridden bikes all my life and road-raced for a couple of years in college in the early 80s. But since developing a chronic prostate condition in 1999 I was unable to even consider biking (the condition was not caused by biking, as I was not actively riding at the time).
My wife and I moved in 2003 to a particularly beautiful, rural part of upstate New York that is perfect for biking: little traffic, wide shoulders, challenging terrain and great scenery. But only because my father-in-law found the BiSaddle on an internet search and told me about it was I able to start riding again. Once I did, I was astounded to find that the BiSaddle is more comfortable than any office chair I have been able to find. It is the only thing I’ve found to sit on that doesn’t put any pressure at all on the prostate area, which is what I need.
When I found out in summer 2004 that the BiSaddle allowed me to ride pain-free, I started riding more, and decided to try racing again this spring. So far I have participated in eight races as a USCF category 5 racer and have several top ten finishes. I’ve never felt the BiSaddle hampered my riding, and indeed I wouldn’t even be able to ride at all without it. I am signed up for the Green Mountain Stage Race Labor Day weekend, and plan to move up to category 4 after this season and continue racing.
The new 2005 model padding is a big improvement on the earlier material, and I am looking forward to getting the new coverings, since in racing crashes do occur. I would tell anyone interested in the BiSaddle to try it out. I find that control with hands on the bars is just about the same as with a normal saddle. Riding no-hands is a bit harder, but is necessary to be able to eat during a race, and I’ve been able to learn to do it with a little practice. That’s really about the only drawback of the saddle, and there again it’s not a drawback at all compared to not being able to ride.
Thanks for designing and making available a product that has allowed me to get back into this exciting sport.
J.W. New York