Hi Jim,
I’ve been meaning to write you forever to let you know how much I love my BiSaddle. It “kicks ass” (not literally). It is incredibly comfortable. I never tilted my seat back as you suggested. After riding for a few weeks my body got used to the new weight distribution and my arms and shoulders no longer got fatigued.
Recently I have sat on a couple of regular saddles (riding someone else’s bike) and they feel terrible. My balance on the BiSaddle is also very good now–I can ride with no hands if I want to (not that I do this very often).
A number of people have asked me about my seat. I have been telling them to google “bisaddle.” I hope business is going well. The other day I saw another guy riding with a BiSaddle and I struck up a conversation with him. He had only had his for 2 weeks. I have the feeling the BiSaddle is going to take off as soon as it reaches a critical mass.
Thanks again!
Jim O – Portland, Oregon