“I will be your Minnesota advocate.” :
I simply have to email you to tell you that the design, engineering, materials and craftsmanship of your bisaddle is pure genius.
I received my first bisaddle Friday, and after setting it up according to your recommendations, took it on a 30 mile test ride. From the very first minute I was stunned at the amazing comfort. The moment I got home I asked my wife (who does our online purchasing) to please buy 2 more for my other 2 road bikes. Saturday I rode another 30 miles, and Sunday I rode 50 miles. The seat actually felt even better with each successive ride.
I am 52 years old, 6 foot 6 inches tall, 172 pounds. I am an avid biker on my 3 old school 12 speed road bikes. Over the years I gradually built up my riding to a level of 4,000 miles per year (my rides are usually 50 to 150 miles per day). I was in denial that something I loved as much as breathing could possibly do me any harm, but over time the hudrreds of hours on a seat, even though a very good Serfas Rx seat, gradually was reducing blood flow in an area no man wants this to happen.
Out of necessity I researched and fortunately found a link to your web page. I was apprehensive as to whether the quality would be high, and how it would feel to have no nose on my seat.
I am here to say that your seat not only is more comfortable for the seat bones than my Serfas, but it has the absolute advantage of no nose, and hence no pressure on important vessels and nerves. I now know there is no need for any recreational road biker to have a nose on their seat. I will never sit on a prehistoric seat again.
You have literally saved not only my physical, but my mental health and well being. THANK YOU.
I will be your Minnesota advocate.
I think there are two categories of people who need your seat. First, anyone, especially men, who ride recreationally on the road over 1,000 miles per year (to avoid the inevitable accumulative effects of pressure on important nerves and blood vessels). Secondly, anyone able to ride who rides less than 1,000 miles per year, because the only reason they would ride less, is because of pain and discomfort from their archaic seats. Your bisaddle solves everyone?s seat related biking problems, period.
Bill B.