(1/5/2009) web posting note: The next testimonial comes as the initial version first followed by subsequent additive comments)
Wanted you to know that I’m using my BiSaddle with great success. I replaced my road bike’s traditional saddle without adjusting the seat post at all, and found the BiSaddle comfortable from my very first ride. I’ve ridden 30 to 50 miles with it several times. My ride speeds have not been negatively affected, and my ride comfort has been greatly enhanced.
Great product. Very superior to traditional saddles, with none of numbness, pain, sexual problems, etc.
(subsequent comments)
When I got the seat I adjusted it to the recommended male spacing, and then carefully installed it so that the back of the BiSaddle was in exactly the same position as the back of the traditional saddle had been. I fully expected problems, and went on a tenuous first ride expecting that I’d have to return home after a few blocks of riding and make some adjustments. I rode 35 miles that first day on a route that included a couple of 35 to 40 mph descents, and was surprised that the BiSaddle was working as well as it was for me. I had read that some riders don’t feel stable enough with noseless saddles on fast descents, so I went into it expecting a greater sense of instability, but didn’t experience that.
The truth is that it doesn’t feel all that different to me from a traditional saddle, except that I don’t end up with the numbness/pain I had been experiencing. I wouldn’t say that I was having major problems with my traditional saddle, except perhaps for noticeable discomfort on 75 mile or longer rides, but it doesn’t make sense to me that any cyclist who experienced any discomfort at all wouldn’t at least try out an alternative or two. I read a quote by Lance Armstrong where he said that perineum numbness is just a part of the sport. My view is that such comments come from younger people who are more willing to throw caution to the wind. It’s really no different in my view than young people who eat an unhealthy diet. When you’re young you tend to think that you’re immune from the future consequences of your choices. I’m 58 years old and am in great shape, am in better condition than I was 20 years ago. The decisions I make today will impact my health 10 and 20 years from now. That’s a fact of life for all of us, though most of us don’t figure it out until we start experiencing some health problems.
—G B, TX rider