Well, it has been about 5 weeks since I inherited my [BiSaddle] bike seat from you, via [a friend].
Two comments: First of all, thanks very much! Second, I think it’s great. Your literature (printed and web) was very useful, definitely alerting me to the potential of having something new to get used to and the need to adjust and readjust. … on balance it was easier than I anticipated.
I made an initial adjustment with [a friend’s] help, using his stationary trainer. I rode for a few days (I’m pretty much a daily commuter, about 35 mins. from my home to the Bainbridge ferry), then made a second adjustment.
For me, by far the most significant adjustment was the level of the seat. I began with the seat level, then tilted it back a few degrees, and voila! The bike, incidentally, is a Nishiki cross trainer type. Even before I got the seat adjusted correctly, I realized its benefits. I say this as an aging male with prostate concerns. So, hurrah! for you and your product.
Be well,
David S.