I have been riding one of your elastomer saddles for over a year and without it I know I wouldn’t be riding at all. I wanted to resume cycling after ten years away from it, but having an enlarged, 58-year-old prostate, I was worried about health consequences. Your saddle has taken all the worries out of the equation. Not only have I been comfortable (after getting the adjustment right), but I put in a lot more miles of vigorous training than I anticipated. I’ve been as far as sixty miles on it, have climbed to our local ski area, started riding with a club and now average over 100 miles a week. I’ve had no problems with the saddle at all.
I also want to say that the bike handles beautifully with this saddle. I’ve come down the steep and curvy road from the ski area and cornered easily at over 30 miles per hour and have no balance or handling concerns at all. Riding in a pace line is completely secure. The question about the bi-saddle affecting handling is a non-issue.
I’ve been touting the saddle to my urologist, my internist and bike friends. The doctors think it’s a great idea. The cyclists’ worry that it looks funny and some that it’s too heavy. Wait till they have to deal with urinary urges from prostate problems, or medical procedures – that will slow them down a lot more than a few more ounces.
Thanks for this wonderful invention.
Bob S – Boise, Idaho