Six months after being treated for prostate cancer by palladium seed implants, I felt symptom free enough to brave trying to ride my bicycle again. I was successful for several weeks until a mountain bike trip resulted in injuring the prostate. I thought I might have to give up cycling.
I began searching the internet for an alternative seat. I felt I needed a seat that had a channel down the middle and the front part of the seat cut off. I found three alternatives on the internet and ordered all three hoping that at least one would work.
After trying all three I decided that one was over engineered. It rocked and twisted as I rode and felt unnatural. The second seat dug into my hamstring muscle even though it rocked as I rode. When I received the BiSaddle my first impression was that it was too small to offer sufficient support. I followed the instructions and adjusted the seat for maximum comfort and fit and it worked! There is a slight loss of control in mountain biking without the front of the seat between one’s legs, but the effect is minor.
I am now riding both a road bike and a mountain bike at least three times a week for distances between 15 and 50 miles. There are no ill effects from riding on the BiSaddle and it is just as comfortable as a conventional seat. I am back in the saddle and enjoying being able to bike again!