I had reached the end of the line with riding my bicycle and struggling with prostate discomfort, particularly after a biopsy (negative, thank goodness). I had pretty much given up and had decided to sell my bikes, but a friend of mine insisted that there must be a better way. I started a serious search on the internet for a solution and wound up buying a BiSaddle. It has made all the difference and my discomfort from riding has disappeared. It’s a little difficult to get the saddle adjusted properly as there are so many degrees of freedom, but you wind up with a custom fit. I had used the BiSaddle on my road bike for quite some time with no problems and decided to take my hybrid, which had a standard saddle, on a neighborhood errand. The destination was only about 1 mile away, but the discomfort started almost immediately. I made it home ok, but felt the pain for several more days. Rather than throwing the hybrid away, I quickly sent away for another saddle. I’ve been using the saddles for two years now, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the saddle or the service. Thanks for everything!
—Gary, Jacksonville, FL