Big Thank You.
I really appreciate your helping me out with the light and tire change tonight. The rest of the trip was pretty uneventful except for the dog that came out of nowhere in Butteville. Fortunately I was moving along at a pretty good clip and the dog is old and slow. He has chased me before, and is no big danger, but he really surprised me by coming out of the dark. Oh well…
The information on that bicycle saddle is at (I guess bicycle with the correct spelling was already taken.) The guy’s name is Jim Bombardier, and he has been really responsive to questions.
I really like the saddle. It is no armchair, but it sure is a whole lot better than anything I have tried before. Take a look at the web site. He goes into pretty good detail on how to adjust the saddle and the benefits. He is also quite frank about the downsides that I mentioned, namely that it is heavier than other saddles and because it has no nose on it, riding no-handed is pretty much out of the question.
Also, for your information, I have absolutely zero financial interest in the saddle. It just happens to work for me. My principal interest is that the guy stays in business, because I am probably buying another bike and I will want another saddle for it.
Dave M. – Portland, OR