I want a place in the BiSaddle choir, I have some praises to sing!!
6 weeks ago I injured my tail bone and have been unable to ride. Based on the slow healing I was not expecting to ride for several more weeks, maybe months the way it is feeling as I had tried riding recently and could literally go only a few feet .
I decided to research the market for some kind of split saddle in hopes of a long shot of being able to ride. The BiSaddle was the only one of its design that gives the adjustments, had a wide V in the back so I tried it.
I put the BiSaddle on my bike in the initial recommended position and made a couple of circles in our wide driveway. After a couple of rounds I literally yelled to my wife ” I can ride”. No pain in the but – at all. I left out and rode to the end of our lane, almost 2 miles and back, could have gone for miles!
I will be able to ride with my sons in the rally this weekend. I was really disappointed that I was not going to ride with them as my oldest son is about to leave for college and this was to be his first and only rally.
I also tried it on the mountain bike. The two bikes have different size stems so the readjusting takes a little while. Because I cannot see any reason to ever go back to the regular saddle which always made me numb and cut off the blood supply, I want another saddle for the other bike.
I CAN RIDE!!! Thanks
—KH, Texas