I’ve been using your saddle for a while now and I told you I’d put some opinions into words, so here it goes. When I first started reading about hornless saddles I immediately saw reviews about a significant loss in both balance and power. Being a triathlete losing these things would mean a loss in competitiveness. I resolved, however, to try out the saddle maybe just for training. After all, the reason I bought it was because I was holding back on extra and long distance rides because I was worried about “ED”. When I received the saddle it was simple to put on the bike. When I took it for its first 10 kilometer ride, I was extremely uncomfortable and awkward. However, after 4-5 re-adjustments of both the angle and pad-positions and about half an hour, I had it almost where I wanted it. For the past two weeks I have been training on it, anywhere from 45 minute hill workouts to 50 mile constant heart-rate stuff. After a period of getting used to it, I have not noticed any loss in balance. I draft behind my friend next to speeding cars and I’m not worried because of the seat or anything. I’ve also not noticed a loss in power, although the muscle-groups were a little awkward until I got the seat at the right position. Bottom line is that once you get the seat where it feels good, it feels good. It may take a little while and more than a few rides, but its worth it. I train longer and harder because I know that riding won’t make me impotent. Anyone who claims that my bike is slower because of the new saddle will get a good look at it during a race. Thanks.
John N – Washington, DC