I was a reasonably fit sportsman & casual cyclist in my late 50s who on a day with fine weather would happily get on my bike & cycle 15 miles with virtually no after effects. In July 2001 I had radical prostatectomy which left me with urinary incontinence. In March 2003 I had a urinary artificial sphincter fitted, which solved everyday leakage problems; except when I got on my bike. My very comfortable but otherwise ordinary gel saddle gave problems. I enlisted the help of two local cycle shops who searched their catalogues. They recommended a centre groove model, which they ordered specially, but as before, the pressure on the perineum caused leakage within a few yards. I was beginning to despair about finding a saddle that would resolve the difficulty, then I found your BiSaddle on the net & ordered one. I am delighted to say it has solved the leakage problem when cycling. I have not yet hit on the ideal personal setting for the saddle to achieve maximum comfort & am working on this but feel it is a matter of fine adjustment. I feel confident that I will find an acceptable setting in this respect. For me, this is already a huge step forward in that I can get on my bike again & do a few miles on a pleasant day. And there is the promise of more to come! Thank you for your well-researched & innovative product. It makes the difference between cycling & being unable to cycle to me. Well done!
G K T Exeter, England