I am 67 years old and retired in Florida. I like to keep reasonably fit so I bought a bicycle. My wife and I would go for rides that got longer and longer.
I had problems with my groin area falling asleep on bike rides as short as 3 miles. I searched for answers and accidently stumbled on the the BiSaddle website. I had purchased other seats and had no favorable results. I’m not one to fall for hype so I read and educated myself on the BiSaddle. I even consulted my son the doctor to see if the claims made any sense to him. We both agreed that the logic was sound and reasonable. I thought that my gamble of buying one wasn’t too far fetched. That was in 2003.
When I received it, my first thoughts were “You’ve got to be kidding”. It was the strangest looking seat I had ever seen. I put it on and adjusted it to the best of my ability. I went for a ride and it just didn’t feel right. I took some tools with me and kept making slight adjustments until I got it right. When I did, it was almost like sitting on a custom seat that was absolutely perfect for me and molded especially for my small rear end. A short time later I went for a ride of 9.2 miles. Never had I felt such comfort on any other seat. My groin area never had any numbness to it. It was an exercise that had no pain or misery. What a difference it made. People see the seat now only when I am off my bicycle. When they inquire I tell them just how great it is, despite its funny look. I will never be without my BiSaddle again.
Thanks for a wonderful invention that should be on every bicycle.
Andy D. – Florida