After researching bike seats on the internet the BiSaddle really caught my eye. The ability to adjust it to fit individual anatomies and skeletal issues intrigued me. So I went into Cascade Cycling and bought the BiSaddle. The guy there was great and let me use it for a 10 mile bike ride to test it out.
The seat felt weird at first (because of the back cupping lips) so I tried all the possible adjustments as I rode. I ended up with the nose ends tight together and the rear ends flared out as far as they would go. In that position it feels like my pelvic bones are cupped and held gently by the seat. And it also felt good not to have the front of the seat rubbing between my thighs. It’s amazing but after ten miles I had NO back pain. None whatsoever. Usually the pain begins after 3 miles, and boy do I hate bumps of any kind! After more than 20 years of severe back pain while cycling I can’t believe it!
A bike seat always puts too much pressure on my tailbone (which is tilted). I didn’t think it was possible to ride pain free and have been dreading the time I’d have to give up cycling because of the intense pain. I’m a 63 year old woman who’s been riding 56 years and hope I have 20 more years on my bike! All thanks to you.
Thanks again. The price seemed like a bargain to me!
T R – Portland, OR