I already own one of your seats and have logged 3000+ miles on it on my road bike since last February. It’s by far the best hornless cycling saddle around. I’d be happy to go for your lighter model when it comes out, and then use my present one as a backup.
By the way, I also bought the Hobson Easy Seat out of curiousity. I found that besides having a crude and poorly conceived design, it also seems to be cheaply manufactured. To me it’s a waste of money at any price!
“The Seat” from Ergo is better made, but the design is very conducive to slipping and cannot be used with road bikes at all.
And as for “The Spongy Wonderâ„¢” – well, the only wonder here is how anyone could possibly ride it for more than a few miles.
Looking forward to your next batch.
Jess N.
Sebastopol, CA