I’m 74 years old and ride to keep in shape, and to enjoy the great scenic paved trails here in the SF Bay Area – although even the paved trails have plenty of bumps and cracks which are sharply transmitted upward on my road bike’s hard tires (the new puncture resistant tires are especially hard, it seems to me.) I’ve been using my BiSaddle for several years now and it’s a great relief to never have that old pressure against my groin! In yoga I learned to put pressure on my “sit bones” and that’s exactly what my BiSaddle allows me to do; it’s the only place where I feel any pressure now. With increasing age and desire for comfort I am about to try the new foam surfaces, but even without them I’ve been much happier with my BiSaddle than I was with any of the dozen other saddles (split, soft etc…) that I tried before coming to this solution. It did take me a few weeks to adjust it perfectly to my satisfaction and to get entirely used to riding with such a small saddle; but now I couldn’t imagine bicycling on any other kind of saddle.
Stan L. – Berkeley, CA