I’ve had the BiSaddle Seat for several months now, and am glad I got it. I tried a couple of other “alternative” seats, and they did not seem to offer the security of being cinched in to the seat.
I ride a mountain bike hybrid, on the road, in an upright position due to wrist pain. My previous problem with normal seats was that either I kept sliding forward on the seat, or, if I tried to angle the seat upwards, I’d end up impacting some sensitive parts of my anatomy. I needed to get rid of that damned horn.
When I first started riding with the BiSaddle seat, I found it to be quite hard (I’m used to lots of gel). I put a normal gel seat cover over the BiSaddle, and all was well. Just recently I tried it without the gel seat cover, and I guess I’ve toughened up as I don’t need the gel anymore.
When I do crouch forward, as in a road bike hunch position, I’ve noticed that the BiSaddle is even more comfortable. I assume it was designed for road bike riding position. However, it does work just fine for my upright position too.
So, I’m a satisfied customer.
Dwight S., Newark, Ca.