Jim, just wanted you to know your Bisaddle is a keeper. I was prepairing all sorts of arguments to return it because it hurt; the front of the seats were pressing against the inside of my legs. Then I got a higher handlebar, some cycling shorts, and repositioned myself according to your directions and the hurt went away. I’ve now gone from 10-12 mile rides daily to 20-25 mile rides. I’m 73 and have been riding for 6 months after a 55 year non-riding period. (Geeze, that’s more than most people have lived!!) I’ve now joined a spinning class at the gym and thing are going well. I’m the oldest in the group of 5 girls and 2 guys. Thanks for making me wait 100 miles before complaining and requesting money back.
Don, Coeur d’Alene, ID
Rails-to-Trails member