I am a 70 year old cancer survivor who recently rode 150 miles on a two-day bike ride using the  BiSaddle . The ride followed a three month training period during which I rode 500 miles in preparation for the event. The ride and training was done on my British Moulton MK-III 3-speed bike with the longest day exceeding 80 hilly miles, 40 of which were with strong head winds. This feat would not be exceptional were it not for the fact that I have an artificial urinary sphincter implanted in my bottom to correct incontinence resulting from prostate cancer surgery.
The manufacturer of the AMS-800 device, and the Mayo Clinic who installed it, recommend a split seat consisting of two roughly-oval pads independently spring mounted. Although this seat worked fine for short rides around the neighborhood, it was too soft and springy for long rides and sapped my energy within two or three miles.
My mileage immediately doubled upon installing the BiSaddle this spring, and I was up to forty miles in a single day by a little over two months. I did not adjust any faster to a winter off with my old Books leather saddle when I was fifteen years younger!! I heartily recommend the  BiSaddle . I plan to take it to Europe next year and install it on a rented bike as I tour Ireland.
Respectfully, Hugh H.
St. Louis, Missouri