Hi there guys,
A couple of years ago, I purchased one of your Bisaddle seats for my mountain bike. Its taken me a while to remember to get back to you on my thoughts regarding it.
No melodrama intended, but its changed my life, at least as far as riding is concerned. I had tried every other “male specialty” seat I could find and none made any difference in my going totally numb after about ten minutes of riding. I tried your seat out of desperation. I thought I would have to give up cycling for good.
Wow! What a difference the Bisaddle made. It took a couple of hours to get acclimatized and I haven’t looked back. I have never once gone numb on the Bisaddle. I have never been even remotely uncomfortable using it. You guys did a great job engineering this and I recomend it whenever I can. Its rare these days that you purchase a product that makes such a positive impact on your life.
Well done.
Brad C – Ontario Canada