(Editor Note 2/20/2009:)This is the email response from a customer who purchased a set of coverings for his BiSaddle after 25,000 miles over the past 5-6 years.
Jim – I do a 20 mile commute each day (Kent to Puyallup) and spend most of my time laying on aero bars. The BiSaddle is a good fit for that position because there is nothing between your legs (important for glandular reasons as well! The Dr. threatens my biking if I end up in the e-room again. No problems in that area since I’ve been on the BiSaddle). When the current saddle wears out I’ll probably upgrade to the softer version, and would probably do that right now if I spent more time in an upright position. However, in a more prone position my arms are taking much of the weight and I don’t really even notice the saddle. Foot clips are a must for added support since you don’t have the support of a saddle between your legs. I get lots of questions about the BiSaddle, but do not see anyone else using it at this point. I think if there were more aero bars in use some may want to make the switch. Don’t know how it would feel on drops because I have a straight bar.
DS – Tacoma, WA