I am now the proud owner of two BiSaddles. I don’t usually ride such long distances, (seldom more than an hour), but I live in a place that has hot humid summers, and I was getting severe heat rash from my regular platform saddle even when I rode for only short distances. I wanted the BiSaddle because I thought it might help with that problem.
When I first got it, I had a little trouble getting used to it because I didn’t have it adjusted correctly. But once I got the perfect tilt, I found that it was much more comfortable than my other saddle. Not only did the heat rash problem go away, but I was able to peddle much more efficiently. I live and ride in the big city of Tokyo and have to make frequent and sometimes sudden stops. I have had to keep my saddle level fairly low, so I could put my foot firmly on the ground if I needed to stop suddenly. But I have discovered that with the BiSaddle I can get on and off so easily that I don’t need to keep my saddle so low. And yet, I never feel like I am going to fall off the saddle. I raise my saddle up higher and get much better pedaling efficiency.
I have a second bicycle in Korea where we live part time, and I found that after getting used to the BiSaddle, I was unhappy going back to the platform saddle. It felt really uncomfortable. So I was thrilled to get my second BiSaddle in place there too.
J. O.
Tokyo, Japan