We spoke on the phone sometime back about your BiSaddle. You referred me to Ben at Cascade Cycling. I bought a BiSaddle from Ben and installed it on my bike atop a LT Thudbuster. My only regret about the BiSaddle is that I didn’t put one on my bike the moment I bought it. Prior to the BiSaddle, I had three different well made, highly regarded conventional saddles on my bike. None of them provided anywhere near the comfort that the BiSaddle does. With the conventional saddles, I had to lift my weight off the saddle every hundred yards or so and then resettle onto the saddle. On my BiSaddle, I can easily ride 4-5 miles and more and not lift off the saddle even once. Talk about comfort! It’s such a pleasure to fully settle my full weight (232 lbs) onto the BiSaddle and then completely relax and just ride, and ride, and ride.
Thank you for creating and producing the BiSaddle.
OF – Corvallis, OR