I have been using your saddle for many years now and would like to cite another health feature I have experienced from the saddle. I note that unlike any other seat frame; the rear part of the BiSaddle frame is set exactly perpendicular to the rear of the seat cushion rather than descending at an angle as normal bike seats do. Because of this feature, the position of the seat will allow for a precise placement of the pelvis over the peddle cranks which allows for an exact up and down piston motion for my legs as opposed to a forward and then down motion.
The forward and then down motion which I experienced on my bike without your saddle, caused me to I develop terrible pains in my hip joints; now I no longer have these pains when I use your saddle instead of the previous saddle. I have examined other seats on bikes at the store and note that none allow for the precise placement for the pelvis over the pedal cranks as your bi saddle seat does. Again it is the seat cushion frame design of your saddle that allows for this precise placement of the bike seat over the pedal cranks.
I ride every day 25 miles round trip to work, so a consistent bad position, will have a dramatic impact for me.
Again, thank you for your saddle, without which I would surely be unable to ride as I do today.
RK – New York, NY