I love my BiSaddle! I have been bicycle commuting 20 miles a day, 4 days per week for over five years, and the last 4 months with the BiSaddle definitely have been the most comfortable!
My original reason for switching saddles was to find a short-nosed saddle that would fit with my front-loaded child carrier (the iBert). I researched the options very carefully before deciding to try the BiSaddle. Of the eight designs I considered, the BiSaddle seemed the most rational design for the serious cyclist. (Admittedly, most of my rides are short; however, I like to ride fast!)
My hope for the BiSaddle was that it would fit with my child carrier and not hamper my ride in any way. My hope was surpassed! The BiSaddle is much more comfortable that my previous (high end) seat, and I am never going back!
I have tried both the elastomer and the foam BiSaddle. To me, the foam one feels just a little bit softer; however, they are equally comfortable. I am sticking with the foam one because it weighs less. The saddle adjustment was easy for me; I needed only minor adjustments from the suggested starting position.
Overall, I highly recommend the BiSaddle!
—M M, Female CA rider