Bike Police Evaluators
When I arrived at work I put it on and went for a quick 20 mile ride. In all appearances the saddle looks like the original but the feel is a great improvement. This saddle is a lot more comfortable then the original. I work a 10 hour shift and am pretty much on the bike most on the time (8 of the 10 hours) and the level of comfort is a great improvement.
The new saddle is a great improvement from the original. The saddle is so much more comfortable that I don’t mind being on it for the long hours that my job requires. The saddle has held up well and still looks to have no wear on it. I have enjoyed using the saddle. I am very thankful that you have gone the extra mile to research and improve your product. The health benefits of a hornless saddle are amazing and the comfort of your design makes it a pleasure to ride. Thank you.
The new material is great. Everyone likes it a lot more than the older one. I have been putting a lot of miles on it to see if there are any wear spots or soft spots in the under material but none have developed. It does feel lighter then the other material and the back of the saddle (wing or fin) appears to be not as high as the first saddles. The lower back makes it a lot easier to come off the back of the saddle while going down hill. The improvements are a lot more comfortable and everyone that I’ve shown it to and that have ridden on the new saddle like it more. My ridding partner is now switching from the “seat” to the bisaddle. He likes the improvements a lot.
I have let everyone and anyone use the new seat that wanted to. It appears to be holding up really well. I have not noticed any soft spots or weakness in the material. Everyone who has ridden on it says they like it a lot. I have taken my bike down and up stairs, over curbs and have dropped it several times during arrests and chases and the saddle has held up very well. No signs of abuse on the outer part of the saddle and no soft or weak spots on the saddle itself.
Thanks again for all the research and improvements you have done and are doing.