The first ride was a 12 mile pre-work 2 days ago. The very quick realization was that the points on the sit bones were still grounded nicely but lacked the sharpness at contact, that never was pain but now feels more comfortable and inviting, rather than just being good for me.
Now 4 rides in, a total of about 66 miles (3x 12 + 30 on sunday). The realization is that the kindness to the soft spots is a great thing. Having developed caution when I read the first article on the cover of Bicycling Magazine which addressed cycling-induced impotence, and having lived with regular genital numbness, the first shift was to 100% freedom from that experience or worry. The new insight is to real comfort and freedom from numbness. There is no going back.The 3,000-4,000 miles per year are all much happier than they ever had been before the BiSaddle.
—Jeff S.