This testimonial is a way for me to say thank you to the BiSaddle bike seat people. I am a recreational rider at best and this summer I got back on my bike to train for Cycle Oregon- a week long bike tour through a portion of Oregon. I rode several bikes but really only settled on the bike I was going to use with three weeks to go until Cycle Oregon. The bike was a funky old Trek with triple gearing and a really unusual looking bike seat.
I literally didn’t touch the seat adjustment at all. I didn’t even move the seat up or down. I trained for the final three weeks and enjoyed the BiSaddle seat. Despite its appearance and slightly different feel, it was a very pleasant surprise for me.
Fast forward to the end of the longest and hardest day of riding of my life near Baker, Oregon – 53 miles of uphill riding for which I was ill prepared. As I rode into camp that late afternoon, truly the only thing that didn’t hurt was my derriere. As it turned out, we had another strenuous day and again I was very pleased that this borrowed bike saddle worked like a charm.
I was so pleased with it that I have since purchased a seat for my brother who cycled Oregon with me and had major problems with his expensive, state of the art saddle. Both my brother and I will be sporting  BiSaddle  this fall if we can get another crack at Cycle Oregon 2000.
T. C. T. – Portland, OR