Tried the seat
First of all I want to share my BiSaddle experience with you. The product arrived shortly after our phone conversation around the middle of June. It came in a very unpretentious package which made no difference to me. I opened the package and looked at the saddle, I said to myself, No way am I putting my 275 lb. “frame” on this tiny thing.
Being some what of an adventurer I decided to keep the seat and wait for my bike tune-up time to have the seat professionally “Fitted ” before I’d attempt my trial period. They guys at the shop looked at the saddle, called some other guys in, scratched their heads, laughed and made a few comments. Three days later I claimed my bike complete with the new saddle. I must say that the seat paled compared to the bike, it looked so small. The Tech. said he tried it out but it was hitting him in the wrong area. I informed him that the saddle needs to be adjusted to the rider.
I opened the seat all the way, and tightened it down and began my trial run. Please understand I did not have cycle shorts on so I was expecting a rough ride. I was pleasantly surprised. This funny seat was the most comfortable that I have ever ridden on, I was amazed at how comfortable the ride was. The next day I donned my riding shorts and went for a 13.6 mile ride, with no stops to make “adjustments” (if you know what I mean). I was amazed [at] the lack of pain in the southern regions that I have experienced on my other rides.
Since then I have been on several rides, in preparation for a MS ride on the 28 of Sept. I am sure that I will get some strange looks that I am getting accustomed to, but I am also sure I will be giving out your web site for those who want more information and to order. Thank you.
William M.