Dear BiSaddle,
The primary focus of my exercise routine in my thirties, forties and early fifties consisted of noontime basketball at the local YMCA with my coworkers. Then injuries began to occur faster than my body could heal.
The next acceptable alternative was to limit my activity to jogging. In my late fifties, after arthritis began to rear its ugly head, I had to settle for walking 20-25 miles a week. In my mid sixties, arthritis reared much more than its ugly head, and I could no longer do much walking for exercise.
What next? It occurred to me that biking might be an answer. So, off to the local bicycle shop and I purchased my first bike since I was a teenager. It seemed the answer was at hand, and, although I did not become a dedicated cyclist, a few miles, several times a week, did wonders for my body and attitude!
Then (will nature never give up in it relentless motion) I had a scary prostate problem, The staff in my urologist’s office recommended that I stop biking. A technician even told me that he had been a devoted cyclist and had been forced to give it up because “there is nothing harder on the prostate than a bicycle seat.”
I was devastated. Where was I to turn to get exercise and at least try to keep the Grim Reaper at some distance behind my 72 year old bones?
Fortunately, a frantic search for information on the internet led me to BiSaddle! BiSaddle did the trick for me! About a year ago, I purchased a BiSaddle and have been delighted with it. What an attitude booster!! I can still reap the benefits of an exercise which is fun!
Thank you very much for your product.