I just wanted to drop you a note about my experience with the Bi-Saddle. I am a 47 year-old road rider, riding approximately 50 miles per week just about all year round. I weigh 225 lbs, and I’m 6′ tall. I ride a Trek 5200 carbon fiber bike. I ride to improve my fitness, but I like to push myself to go as fast as I can, usually averaging about 18 MPH. I usually ride with a few friends, for some companionship, and competition. I am working up to my first 100K (62.5 miles). I have gone through three different saddles on the Trek trying to find comfort for my private parts. You see after 10-15 miles, I would develop numbness in the external genitalia. This was quite disconcerting. I did not know what damage I might be doing to myself while trying to improve my fitness. I found the Bi-Saddle on the internet and tried it. Set-up took some time and fine tuning, but once the seat was adjusted, and I was “broken in” to the saddle, I have found the saddle to be very comfortable. I have no numbness or discomfort in the privates. When I spoke to the inventor, he said use shorts with no padding, I kind of chuckled to myself. Right…no chamios pad. But he was right, the thinner the shorts, the better feel you get with the saddle. I highly recommend this saddle to anyone who rides a bike, period. Especially distance riders. I expect many road riders have this same problem, and just try to ignore it. We don’t know the long-term effects of the trauma from normal bike seats. Why risk damage to such an important area of our bodies. The Bi-Saddle is a wonderful solution. Thank you for your well-researched & innovative product. It makes the difference between cycling & being unable to cycle to me. Well done!
PH, DC Texas