I have ridden a Trek 5200 from 1999 through 2005, when I purchased a Trek Madone 5.9, which I have ridden since. I ride about 2,500 miles per year. Within the last two weekends, my son and I participated in Cycle Across Maryland, doing 200+ miles in three days. My son was also on a Trek bike, but he was using the standard racing saddle while I had the BiSaddle. After about 100 miles of riding, my son was saddle sore, while I felt fine riding on my BiSaddle. We both had biking shorts on. Having a saddle that supports the pelvic bones vs. having the bones extending over the edges of the saddle with no support seems like such an obvious solution to saddle pain that I don’t know why every bike is not outfitted with a BiSaddle. Why would anyone take the chance of damaging their genital nerves and vessels riding a regular racing saddle?
A couple years back I was having problems with pressure points on my vessels and nerves and with general saddle soreness using the standard racing saddles that come with Trek bikes. I could not continue biking without a lot of personnel sacrifice. I started doing some Internet research to see if there was anything that would be more gentle to the pelvic and genital area. I bought one pelvic-support saddle, but did not like it. After that I tried again by purchasing a BiSaddle. I went out for a ride and stopped along the way to adjust the saddle height and angle. The saddle put me a little more forward on my Trek bike, so I purchased another headset that extended forward a few more centimeters. With that adjustment, I now ride pain free, without any further worry about damaging my groin area. Those vessels and nerves that were being crushed by the racing saddle now seem to have come back to return all the functionality that I had lost. I love biking and the BiSaddle allowed me to get back onto my Trek bike instead of putting it into storage. Thanks for this great product. Everyone that owns a bike needs to go out and buy this product. I do not understand why this has not become the standard saddle sold on all new bicycles.
Get with it, bicycle manufacturers!!
—Bob, Washington D.C. area