Last time we talked I promised you a testimonial after spending some time on your latest creation … the visco-elastic foam Bi-Saddle and the aluminum frame.
Let me start by stating that I ride 20 to 60 miles every Saturday (plus some bike tours) and have used your original seat for five years. While I loved your original design, the new visco- elastic seat (and aluminum frame) takes comfort to an even higher level.
Before using your bike seats, I had purchased no fewer than five other designs, all in an attempt to find one that wouldn’t cause me groin dis-comfort. Your Bi-Saddle did the trick! No, it may not look traditional …. and a few people may think the design is a bit strange, but they need to “get-over-it” and start using a seat truly designed for riders who want to do road miles in real comfort.
Thanks for your design. Your seat made it possible for me to both avoid medical problems AND ride long miles in comfort!!
—J C, Southern CA Road Biker