Tom-turner-testimonial--IMG_0844-480The BiSaddle has been my only bike seat since 1999. I have been on 11 Cycle Oregons using my BiSaddle , having put the second generation saddle on my bike 7 or 8 years ago. Two years ago on a Bike Montana weeklong ride, my saddle really helped me get through some long and really hot days of cycling. Before I switched over to the BiSaddle, I had trouble with numbness and saddle sores but I have been very comfortable since 1999.

I would say that it does take some getting use to but I’m not going back to a more traditional seat as the BiSaddle just feels so comfortable to me now.  In fact , I often forget that I have a non-traditional seat until someone has a question about my unusual looking saddle. I highly recommend riders try this saddle , I continually appreciate how good my “ butt “ feels after any ride, be it a 15 mile training ride or finishing up a “ century “


Tom Turner