I’ve been paddling pelvic floor issues related to biking for 15+ years.  By my early twenties I was an avid triathlete and mountain biker, but was finding that the miles were leading to numbness and pain.  Eventually it got to the point two years ago where I gave up my favorite hobby and mental release…riding bikes.  This was particularly frustrating because my kids were just getting old enough to ride bikes with me, and my vision of blazing the trails together evaporated.

Then I found the Bi Saddle.  Please know that I have tried probably every non-traditional bike seat on the market until this point.  I have a museum of bike seats.  And yes, I’ve had professional bike fits with traditional seats of all kinds, I’ve even bought custom built frames.  In other words, my bikes fit.

I received the saddle about a month ago and put it on my mountain bike.  What surprised me out of the gate, compared to other noseless saddles, was how it actually supported me and I wasn’t falling onto my hands.  I’m not sure what the wizards over at Bi Saddle have done, but YOU DON”T FALL FORWARD.  I can even ride without hands, fully supported.  The firmness of the saddle is perfect as it puts you right on your sits bones (a common misnomer is that a softer saddle is better for pelvic floor cycling issues…not the case).  I have been able to adjust the width of the saddle exactly to meet my needs (despite being slight, I’ve found that width is critical).

The craziest thing to me about life after the Bi Saddle is that the more I ride the better I feel.  The common thread on biking is that it causes issues “down there”.  In reality (and I’m living proof) if you have a seat like the Bi Saddle, “down there” will actually get healthier the more you bike.  The action of riding a bike creates significant blood flow without the pounding of other endurance sports like running.  Blood flow = good.

I couldn’t be happier.  I have my favorite hobby back, and look forward to adventures with my kids that wouldn’t have happened without this incredible product.  I’ll be ordering Bi Saddle #2 for my road bike.  There are some centuries I have been dying to ride…
-Will R.