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No More Soft Tissue Pressure!

I am an older rider – about 5’10”, 190 lbs – who rides at least 25 miles twice a week. I have about five different saddles that I just could not get to work for me. Most recently I tried a Fizik and a Cobb Plus without success. The problem I had was not numbness, but the soft tissue…

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A Heartfelt Thanks!

I had originally purchased my BiSaddle after investigating the many alternative saddles on the market. The reason for my search was my prostate removal and subsequent corrective surgery due to cancer. I did not think I would be riding again…

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I have a museum of bike seats…Now, I have BiSaddle!

I’ve been paddling pelvic floor issues related to biking for 15+ years.  By my early twenties I was an avid triathlete and mountain biker, but was finding that the miles were leading to numbness and pain.  Eventually it got to the point two years ago where I gave up my favorite hobby and mental release…

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